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Master Electricians in Nelson

Posted on 14 September, 2014 at 19:00

For all electrical work in your home, beyond changing a lightbulb, it is vital that you consult a qualified registered NZ electrician.


No matter what electrical job you need doing in your home in Nelson, a registered qualified electrician will be able to help you.


What an Electrician Does


Electricians work with all of the electrical components of the house. Electrical services they provide include but by no means are limited to:


Electrical rewiring: Your home may need to be rewired, either partially or fully, if you live in an older house in Nelson and all electrical cicruits or power points will need to be replaced. This is more common in old buildings and properties which were poorly wired during consutrction. Due to limited access, brick buildings tend to be costlier to rewire.


Electrical repairs: From time to time, the electrical outlets in your home will need to be repaired. a licensed electrician can assist with all electrical repairs including replacing power points and repairing wiring.


RCD Safety switches: Residual Current Device, these protect you and your family from faulty appliances and damaged wiring. The RCD safety switch works by monitoring the flow of electricity through a circuit and trip when the electrical current escapes from the system.


Lighting: If you need lights installed or repaired in your home or commercial premises, a qualified electrician can help. Whether you have LED, track, fluorescene, neon, halogen or flood lights or would prefer downlights or garden lights, security lighting, an electrician can help with installation and repair.


Wiring a new home: If you are building a new home, you will need an registered qualified electrician for wiring and installing all the electrical circuits and outlets. Proper planning and consultation will ensure you have an electrical system that suits the layout and design of your new home.


Power points: A registered qualified electrician will be able to consult on the amount of power points you need and their placement in the home.


Switchboards / Fuseboards in Nelson : These route electricity around a building and this is where circuit breakers and RCD safety switches are installed and they are designed to protect your circuits and from electrocution. Switchboards can also help to isolate faulty wiring and appliances.


Test and tag in Nelson: This involves testing and labelling electrical equipment so that the electrician can identify and repair faulty items. Electrical test and tag equipment can also detect insulation deficiencies and earth leakages.


Renovations in Nelson: If you are renovating your home or commercial premises in or around Nelson an electrician will need to be consulted to install or remove power points, socket outlets and lighting. Electricians can also assist with routing new wiring and installing switchboards in the newly renovated rooms and additions / alterations.


Solar Power Nelson: Installing a solar power system can help improve the energy efficiency of your home and reduce your energy costs. Electricians who specialise in installing solar power units can advise on the most suitable option for your home.


Back Up Generators Nelson: It can be a good idea to install a back up generator to provide a back-up source of electricity in your home. You should buy a back up generator depending on how often you will need it. Your electrician will be able to advise on a suitable generator to suit your needs.


Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS): A UPS is a back-up system used to protect electrical equipment from surges and power failures. The system provides backup power to equipment such as modems, fax machines and computers.


Other tasks electricians can perform include:


Installing data cabling


Handling and installing fibre optic cables


Installing a home automation system


Installing home entertainment systems


Advising on and installing alarm systems / security systems


Installing electrical equipment e.g. water heaters and air conditioners


Selecting an Electrician


It is essential that your chosen electrician is fully qualified registered NZ electrician.


Will the professional provide a certificate compliance and electrical safety certificate? This states that the work that has been performed has been done by a professional and has been tested and is safe. It acts as a guarantee to you.


Also, ask for several quotes before selecting a professional electrician. It is very important that you are comfortable and confident with the person or company that is performing the work.

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