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When You Should Call an Electrician in Nelson

Posted on 29 July, 2014 at 20:00

When To Know You Should Call an Electrician


Unlike many home improvement projects, electrical work in Nelson must be carried out by a registered electrician . If you're unsure when to call an electrician, here are some of the instances that you should.


1: You are not sure what to do


You may fancy yourself as being quite handy and may have a couple of home improvement projects under your belt, but electrical work is in a league of its own. Wiring alone is complex enough to confound even some professional registered electricians.


More importantly, electrical work is highly dangerous and mistakes can lead to fire, injury, financial loss and death. If you know little or nothing about electricity, do not attempt to work on the problem alone. You should call a licensed registered NZ electrician.

2: The fuses or circuit breaker keep tripping


Does the power go out whenever you turn on any of your appliances? This could be a sign that your circuits are drawing too much current than they are able to carry. It may also mean there's a problem or damage with one of your home's circuits. Either way, this may indicate a serious problem with the electrical system and needs to be checked out by an electrician.

3: There are excessive extension cords and power bars in use


Do you sometimes trip over your carpet thanks to the many cables that snake underneath it? Or maybe your electrical socket outlets are overloaded with so many power cords that they're beginning to look like a spaghetti of cables? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then you might not have enough electrical outlets installed in your home.


Apart from the risk of overloading your circuits, running cords under carpet is just dangerous. This can cause the cords to fray and turn into electrical hazards. Call an electrician to put in more electrical socket outlets, especially in areas of your home that need them. That way, you won't have to overload circuits or run cables under your carpet.


4: The lights keep flickering


There are usually three possible reasons why your lights keep flickering:


The bulb is loose.

The voltage is fluctuating.

There's something wrong with the switch or connection.

It's easy enough to check if a bulb is loose: if it's the only one that's flickering, then it probably just needs to be tightened up. But if the flickering isn't limited to one or even two bulbs, then there might be something else. If several bulbs are affected, then you may have to call an electrician because the answer won't be a straightforward one.


5: Socket outlets and switches feel hot or warm


Ever noticed if your home's socket outlets, switches, or any other surfaces with electrical systems under it feel warm to touch? Did you see if the surface of these switches and outlets have darkened? Do you sometimes feel a mild shock when you touch these surfaces? At the very least, the affected circuit may be overloaded. Make sure you contact an electrician the moment you notice any of these symptoms.


6: The electrical system and wiring is more than 25 years old


Exactly how old is your home in Nelson? If it's been around for more than 25 years, then you may have to get electrical wiring and switchboard upgraded because it's probably not meeting todays saftey standards. An upgrade is necessary not only because there have been advances since the electrical system was installed, but also because of aging and wear, which could be dangerous to you and your household.

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