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Rewiring Your House in Nelson

Posted on 23 July, 2014 at 21:00

If you live in an older house in Nelson, chances are it might be time to rewire. Homes built as recently as the 1980s might not meet today’s safety standards as consumers now rely on so many things that require electricity. With bigger flat screen televisions, high-speed Internet access (which requires special Cat-5 wiring per the phone company) desktop computers, and more, your home has to pull a lot of energy just to keep up with demand.

Old wiring can deteriorate until it’s a hazard, eventually leading to nuisances like blown fuses to dangerous electrical fires. And, old wiring might not pass an inspection, especially if you are planning on putting your home on the market. Rodent damage is also very common for electricians in Nelson to come across.

If you aren’t sure old wiring is a problem in your home, here are three ways to tell.

• Your wiring looks as if its deteriorated or cracked of falling apart. To determine if you have old wiring, the first thing to look for is black wire leading into your switchboard, usually placed inside the home. It contains both miniature circuit breakers and residential current circuit breakers. Black wire is a good indicator of age because modern 21st century wires are coated in PVC material giving them a white color. The old black wires are coated with rubber that deteriorates faster and allows wires to contact. Ultimately, wires that have the PVC coating will last longer over time.

• If you only have one outlet per room, you are seriously underserviced. You should have outlets every six to eight feet for your appliances, and your socket outlets need to be properly earthed for three-pin appliances.

• Last, you know something is not right if you’re experiencing blown fuses or power outages. If you’ve replaced a fuse more than once in the past year your wiring cannot handle what you need it to. Unless you have your wiring fixed your problems will only persist and you’ll just keep blowing fuses-why waste the money?

Ask Payless Electrical to send a licensed electrician for a safety check. 

New wiring is well worth the cost in peace of mind and in safety.

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